Nancy’s Botox Surprise

What Tucker Carlson didn’t realize when he criticized Nancy Pelosi for looking like Michael Jackson the other night – implying she’d had too much plastic surgery – was that she appears to have been over-Botoxed.

I’ve seen it before on our little island where some women don’t want to go quietly into that dark night known as old age. A little nip here and a syringe there and pretty soon you end up with a face that belongs to someone else.

Count me in as one of those folks who hates the thought of looking my age. I’ve avoided the sun since I was in my late 20s. I’ve slathered on expensive creams. I’ve discovered that wrinkles can be pushed out by layers of fat under the skin. At least that’s my excuse for carrying 30 pounds of excess baggage around.

And I can sympathize with Ms. Pelosi. She is constantly in the spotlight. And she is trying her best not to look 81, which isn’t easy when you have a gaggle of very young Progressive women nipping at your heels of authority.

But I recently learned something that the Speaker must not have known. Too much Botox can make you look constantly surprised and, well, somewhat strange.

I mentioned the idea of injections to someone who has a friend who recently turned 80. She looks really good for her age my friend insisted, with a little help from the medical profession.

“Yes, her face is great, but her eyebrows look funny. They are halfway up her forehead. I mean what is with that?” I asked.

“Botox,” my knowing girlfriend said. “I got some injections not long ago and one of my eyebrows went up and the other didn’t.”

I hadn’t noticed her cock-eyed expression, so her eyebrows probably weren’t that bad. After several months, the Botox dissipated and her face was back to normal, she explained.

All of that does not make me want to get that particular injection. But it does make me want to defend anyone who travels down that path.

Movie star Joan Collins said it best when she noted that a woman should try to look her best no matter her age.

And while Tucker is charming, attractive and still a young man, what right does he have to criticize Ms. Pelosi or any woman, for that matter, for their facial features. You want to go after her politics, have at it. But keep the comments on her looks to yourself. It’s not fair game.

Old age is not pretty, so I say here’s to anyone who tries to keep it at bay.



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