Book Club Shaming

I’ve already started reading the mysteries slated for our new season’s Sleuth Book Club, a group on the island that shares a love of mysteries. The question is, will I remember them in four months when it comes time to discuss them? Probably not. I usually can’t even remember what movie we watched last night.

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The GERD Bed Nightmare

The emergency room doc sent me home with a piece of paper and instructions on how to elevate my bed to ease my acid reflux problem. His instructions made sense at the time. They turned out to be a pain some place other than my stomach last night. I had heard of GERD before but

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Should I Keep Writing?

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around, does it make a sound? An age-old question. Similarly, if you write a book and only a handful of people read it, are you wasting your time? The question surfaces every time I think about starting my next new book. I am

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The Pain of Scalloped Potatoes

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m too old to fix scalloped potatoes and here’s why. I had been excited to prepare that special dish—and trust me it is special if for nothing more than the time it takes—for the eight people I was having for dinner last week. When I learned that one of

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Conversations With My Body

I notice that as I have gotten older, my body has become very vocal. My bladder and I, especially, carry on nightly discussions. They go something like this: Bladder: “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Me: “What?” Bladder: “You heard me. Get up. Dangle your feet over the edge of the bed and head for

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The Great Zepbound Shortage

About ten days ago, shortly after I started the Eli Lilly drug Zepbound to help me lose weight, I got an email from a friend. “I have been waiting 2 weeks for my Zepbound from CVS. They have ordered it but it’s not in yet. I got on a Facebook Zepbound group and all diet

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