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Bring On The Krispy Kremes

Bring On The Krispy Kremes

I remember where I was when I ate my first Krispy Kreme donut.

My teenage son brought a box home from the new bakery on 86th Street in Indianapolis and put them on the kitchen counter. They were warm. Fresh out of the oven, he said. I was skeptical until I put one in my mouth. It melted into a delicious combination of sugar, fat, and flour. Literally, it disintegrated before I could sink my teeth into it.

“This is unbelievable,” I said, and, so, began my love-affair with the amazing glazed donut.

I used to love passing the flashing neon sign outside the Krispy Kreme shop announcing that donuts were in the oven. My mouth would water.

Those were also the days when CNBC would regularly get boxes from the CEO when he appeared on the morning business show Squawk Box. Things were hopping, and it seemed that Americans couldn’t get enough of the deliciousness.

Fast forward to today. Gosh, has it been twenty years? The bakery on 86th closed down long ago. You could find Krispy Kreme in convenience stores and the occasional grocery but, otherwise, they seemed to disappear. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, or I was on one of my perennial diets.

This morning, my man was reading The Wall Street Journal to me—as he likes to do way too often—when he landed on an article about Krispy Kreme donuts being sold at McDonald’s. He had me from the word “Krispy.”

“Under a partnership announced Tuesday, Krispy Kreme will deliver three versions of its donuts—glazed, chocolate iced with sprinkles, and chocolate iced with a cream filling—to McDonald’s locations each morning. Customers can buy the donuts individually or in a box of six,” the article said.

My “salivary glands,” as my man says, were in full action. My stomach growled.

I know that as we age, we are supposed to watch what we eat. Sugar is a no-no. Butter goes in and out of favor, as does cream. Flour is okay, I guess as long as it isn’t white or you aren’t allergic to it. Chocolate seems to have withstood all assaults. Eggs are back on the good list. There are eggs in donuts aren’t there?

Actually, I know that Krispy Kreme donuts can’t be too bad for me, because I remember reading that Sting requests them in his dressing room before or after a concert. I can’t recall which. All I know is that if he can eat Krispy Kreme donuts and look as good as he does at his age, then I should be fine.

Forget the sprinkles but bring on the glazed and crème-filled now!