Under the Sand

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Two wealthy brothers are kidnapped. A woman is shot while drinking champagne by her pool. A convicted murderer is running loose. Chaos reigns on a tiny island in southwest Florida after the bridge to the mainland is disabled and the lone cell tower is blown up by a mysterious blonde woman. In this continuation of the Leslie Elliott mystery series, the amateur sleuth and her reporter friend, Wes Avery, join forces with the local sheriff’s deputy and an iguana hunter in an attempt to locate the missing men before the kidnappers make good on their threat to bury their captives alive until the ransom is paid.

Readers will be carried along, fully engaged as the twists and turns of the plot produce unexpected revelations. A page-turning thriller set on a beautiful Florida island.
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What readers are saying about Under the Sand

Under the Sand is No. 4 in the Leslie Elliott series by Susan Hanafee and it maintains fully the excitement and captivating appeal of her first three offerings. In Under the Sand, readers become quickly enmeshed in a web of mystery and suspense. Our heroine, Leslie, and her journalist companion, Wes Avery, once again join forces with island law enforcement officers, as well as an array of colorful characters, to solve the kidnapping of two prominent local residents.

“The novel is much more than a fast-paced, whodunit; it is a penetrating portrait of human greed, lust, and jealousy. Yet, the darker side of human nature is not the full picture. Hanafee offers cause for hope and optimism, as honor and justice prevail at the end of this adventure. The Law of Karma is alive and well in Under the Sand.”
 Dr. Frank Johnson, Englewood, Florida
Lies, betrayal, murder—paired with a major communication breakdown—are among the plot twists that will keep you captivated by Susan Hanafee’s latest thriller!”
 Kris E., Kewadin, Michigan
“Susan Hanafee’s latest mystery, Under the Sand, captures the reader along with kidnapped brothers and keeps you under her spell to the very last page.
Sue F., Florida
“I’m not a literary critic, but I am very critical. Under the Sand had me engrossed from page one.”
Barbara W., Boca Grande, Florida
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