Another Leslie Elliott Mystery:

The End of His Journey

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About the Book

The End of His Journey is the sequel to Scavenger Tides, published in 2020.

The idyllic island where Leslie Elliott lives in southwest Florida is shaken by the return of drug dealer, Jamie Thompson, who escaped the law and has vowed revenge on Leslie for exposing his cohorts and their thriving cocaine business. When his presence leads to two deaths, Leslie sets out to uncover the truth, recruiting her newspaper buddy, Wes Avery, and an unlikely ally to help.

While assisting Leslie, Wes hears about the story of a young island resident who was said to have committed suicide at a party 20 years ago. His tortured father and old-timers in the community are still seeking answers to what happened that night. As Wes and Leslie help the father on his journey, they discover surprising and dangerous connections between the current tragedies and the two-decades-old shooting.

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