Scavenger Tides

About the Book

Scavenger Tides was selected as a finalist in the cozy mysteries category of the 2023 American Fiction Awards.

Scavenger Tides takes place shortly after Leslie Elliott quits her public relations job in the Midwest to move to southwest Florida. Her dream of leaving the corporate world to become a mystery writer threatens to become a nightmare as buzzards lead her to a headless dog carcass and a human body rolls in with the summer storms and then disappears, only to re-appear and vanish again.

Leslie’s search for answers and her run-ins with the local sheriff take her on a journey that involves a fisherman with too many secrets, a local couple struggling to survive in a millionaire’s playground and criminals who will stop at nothing to protect their lucrative activities.

“Fresh-catch grilling, red wine swilling, and a perplexing killing fill this breezy beach read.”
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