Never Name an Iguana

Makes You Smile

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What Readers Say About “Never Name an Iguana”

Blend some of Maureen Dowd with a little David Sedaris and throw in some Andy Rooney and you have the thoroughly enjoyable new book by former journalist Susan Hanafee. The book’s title “Never Name an Iguana” may relate to the environmental issue present but more likely has to do with the wit, social consciousness and satirical mindset of the author.

This is a collection of essays whimsically capturing the ideas of domestic tranquility, political leverage, funny situations and every day facts and fictions. All of the 52 or so writings reflect daily life and the wit and wisdom of the author as she whips through life on a roller coaster of exploration and observation.

Hanafee’s writing style reminds me a lot of Russell Baker’s; funny, insightful and quick on the draw. The book is enjoyable entertainment to read from cover to cover or, if you just need a quick laugh, read a few pieces at a time. I wonder what the facile mind of Hanafee is thinking now. I’m sure there’s something.

 – Bob Elliott, author of Make Your Point

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