Deadly Winds

About the Book

Amateur sleuth Leslie Elliott and her reporter friend, Wes Avery, return to their Florida island after vacationing in Key West to discover that a wealthy widow named Alice Gerkin has been killed by a falling church bell. Although the sheriff claims it was an accident, Leslie believes the woman’s demise is linked to her outspoken criticism of the church’s planned renovation.

Leslie reaches out to a local handyman who worked for Alice. After investigating the belfry, he confirms Leslie’s suspicions that it was more than deadly winds that caused the 300-pound bell to drop. He suggests that a dishonest construction worker named Troy Graham could be involved.

When Graham’s body turns up in a dumpster and the church’s architect is found dead with a two by four nailed to her head, Leslie is convinced that one or more of the major figures in the church renovation are involved in their deaths. Her suspicions also include the pastor, who has told Leslie that Alice’s death was “God’s will.”

As the mysteries unfold and she confronts the church bell killer, Leslie finds herself locked in a room from which there is no escape and in the path of another deadly storm racing toward the island.

Mystery and intrigue combine with a healthy dose of humor to keep the plot lively and entertaining in this latest novel featuring Leslie Elliott and her colorful island friends.

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