No Building Back Better

Thank God for Aaron. Straight-shooter. Full of information. Expert plumber and observer of modern-day life. Aaron is the guy they call to fix everything the youngsters in the company have screwed up. Aaron and his sidekick/apprentice have been at our condo remodeling project for a day and a half now. His lingering presence speaks volumes. […]

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Nancy’s Botox Surprise

What Tucker Carlson didn’t realize when he criticized Nancy Pelosi for looking like Michael Jackson the other night – implying she’d had too much plastic surgery – was that she appears to have been over-Botoxed. I’ve seen it before on our little island where some women don’t want to go quietly into that dark night

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Bring on the Willpower

“Poor grandma,” my friend said. “The doctor says she can’t have calcium so we took away her morning cup of hot chocolate.” “Isn’t this the woman who’s 95 and in failing health?” I said. “Yes. The doctor thinks she won’t be around in six months?” “And you took away her morning cocoa?!” I practically yelled

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The President’s Bite

I’d like to share with Joe Biden something an attorney told me about 20 years ago: “The first bite is free.” That advice was shared with me shortly after the outside cat that was living at our house sunk his teeth – unprovoked – into the chest of my neighbor’s young grandson. His parents were

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