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Trump As Speaker?

Trump As Speaker?

We talked about it as we ate dinner with friends last night in a restaurant where the company far excelled the food. I’d heard the rumor before – perhaps from the same source – but there it was again.

When the Republicans take over the House of Representatives in the 2022 election they will name Donald Trump as Speaker, my friend said. The first order of business will be to impeach President Joe Biden.

He didn’t offer support for the thought, just noted it was floating out there and had credibility.

I inwardly rolled my eyes, a technique I mastered in the corporate world when the ideas being floated in a meeting were so ludicrous that I had to do something to keep me from screaming out loud “that is the most ridiculous, ill-conceived suggestion I’ve ever heard.”

And there it was on my computer’s newsfeed this morning – a Newsweek article on the very topic we were discussing in hushed tones last night across a white tablecloth. It quoted Florida congressman Matt Gaetz who said he’d spoken with Trump about the possibility.

Even though it is legal, constitutional and clever, it feels like the idea would be political suicide for every office holder that identifies as an R. Just because there are a large number of idiots in the Democrat party doesn’t mean that Republicans should be working to increase their own number of crazies:  Gaetz appearing to be one of the unhinged.

The only politician who seems to be on sound footing these days is Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. And I worry that someday even he will let all of us down.

Recent actions to the contrary, the Speaker of the House should be a serious position held by a thoughtful person who has the country’s best interest at heart. The Speaker should conduct herself or himself with decorum. She or he should at least try to rise above politics and promote bipartisanship in an effort to help the country move forward in a positive manner.

Nancy Pelosi was bad enough. The idea of Donald Trump in that position is laughable.

In my opinion that job should never go to someone who hasn’t been elected. I don’t think the public would stand for it.  And if the Republicans were lucky enough to take over control of the House and do something that egregious, they would pay for it in the 2024 election.

I can’t imagine that the former President would want the job. Any Republican Speaker can oversee the impeachment of Joe Biden if he or she is willing to waste the House and Senate’s time again. And being Speaker after being President – playing second fiddle to two other heads of state – seems like a big step down for an individual with an insatiable ego.

Finally, it doesn’t feel like Trump would like all the minutia involved with being Speaker and would quickly tire of a position that didn’t involve campaign speeches with thousands of adoring fans wearing red hats and shouting his name.

I’m no prognosticator and crazier things have happened in politics as witnessed by my news feed on this – and any – day.

Example. After I read the Trump as Speaker article, I came across the Hillary Clinton as Masterclass lecturer piece. In an episode called The Power of Resilience, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee reads from the remarks she had prepared to give in New York on November 8, 2016 before she learned that she was beaten by Trump. Then I watched an excerpt with her weeping as she read the part where she thanked her mother for her positive influence.

One reporter called it “poignant.” I call it embarrassing. If I had been Hillary, I would have ripped up that speech just like Nancy Pelosi did to Trump’s State of the Union — and moved on. But that’s the lure of politics for you.

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