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Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money

My daughter said a perplexing thing to me a couple of days ago: Kids these days don’t care about money.

As you know from previous blogs, my daughter and I don’t see eye-to-eye politically. But I thought we were in lockstep when it comes to money. She and I have always liked having it and spending it. She, however, is not so much into earning it.

I had already chastised her for implying that my man and I were “too busy” to come north to my grandson’s high school graduation. As though it was something we casually tossed aside without much thought.

There was much angst involved in the decision not to drive from southwest Florida to Evansville, Indiana, last week for the ceremony. Even criticism from some close friends. But I had to admit to my daughter and myself that I didn’t feel comfortable making the two-day drive alone. And my man was managing three construction projects and workers.

He definitely was too busy. I was just timid.

So, having reminded her of why we didn’t attend the ceremonies, I hesitated to challenge her latest assumption that money is just too mundane for the younger generation to focus on.

This isn’t her first head scratcher. She has also told me that kids these days don’t care about gender.

Based on what I see on my newsfeed, many young people care a lot about gender and how they can use gender fluidity to draw attention to themselves. Like Demi Lovato who announced the other day that she is nonbinary — not identifying as either male or female all the time.

And, really, Demi most of us wouldn’t care if you identified as a dog or cat if it made you happy. We just don’t need to hear about it, especially when there are more pressing issues in this world.

If Demi’s gender is a question mark, apparently money is not for her. Internet sources that seem to know these things peg Demi’s wealth at $33 million.

I have memories of sending my grandchildren money for Halloween and Easter, along with Christmas and their birthdays. There were many dark years when I got no thanks or acknowledgement of my gifts. So maybe my daughter is right. They don’t care about money.

I would contend, however, that kids don’t care about money in the same way most of us don’t care about it. If we don’t have any, we care a lot.

My daughter’s two children have never had to think about where their next meal is coming from or how they were going to pay for the private school they attended. The oldest graduated from college debt free a few weeks ago. The youngest will be heading off to school this fall under the same arrangement. Neither of my grandchildren have held paying jobs in the summer. Both have cars.

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn that both have been Bernie Sanders supporters and that my grandson gave a shout out to Eugene V. Debs in his graduation speech. Debs was a well-known socialist from Terre Haute, Indiana. Debs is also a man revered by Senator Sanders, who has never held a real job but has instead been on the public payroll as a politician most of his life. Bernie only seems to care about other people’s money and how he can spend it.

In essence, both of my grandchildren – like most children – have grown up in a socialist society where they haven’t had to work for anything and all their needs have been met. Why should they care about money?

As happens to all of us sooner or later, I suspect my grandchildren will one day realize that money does matter. Luckily, they live in a country where they can earn enough to feed and house themselves and their families and have something left over for fun.

If I’m wrong and my grandchildren really don’t care about money, they should let me know right away. I can change my will and leave my few dollars to the millions of people in other countries who don’t care about money either because they are too busy focusing on finding something to eat and a safe place to sleep.

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