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Canceling the Ladies

Canceling the Ladies

My Polish cleaning lady was unceremoniously dumped by Facebook the other day.

Yes, she believes that Trump won the election and that there is a vast network of celebrity pedophiles operating in the world who will soon be exposed. But she’s not aggressive about her beliefs. And her postings have more to do with spirituality and not killing and eating animals than politics.

“Did they offer an explanation?” I asked when she gave me the news.

“Nothing. I woke up and I was gone, along with all of my postings and about 200 friends. Cleaned out as though I never existed,” she said and sighed.

This was not a woman who marched on Washington, D. C. or even thought about it.  I’ve never heard her raise her voice in anger. She doesn’t become upset if you don’t agree with her. One of her hobbies is fostering older rescue dogs. She’s a vegetarian who likes doing yoga.

And this is a person that Facebook has decided is a threat to our country.

“So, you came from a Communist country to the U. S. where you thought free speech was one of our most important individual rights,” I said. “How do you feel about what happened?”

“I guess what really bothers me is that they didn’t give me a chance to appeal,” she said as she shrugged and ran her feather duster over the bookcase.

What she did after she was offed by Facebook was what you would expect from any red-blooded American who values free speech. She created another Facebook account using her full name.

She and I don’t always see eye-to-eye. But I’m still interested in what she has to say. And while I don’t agree with about the recent election and the network of pedophiles, who am I to criticize her or try to shut her down?

Obviously, that’s not the way ideas are being treated in our country today.


Glamour, the magazine founded in 1939 and which today carries such earth-shaking on-line stories as a celebrity denying that she got lip injections while she was pregnant, decided to take one final potshot at former First Lady Melania Trump the other day.

Melania Trump is the least popular first lady of the United States in modern history was the headline on Emily Tannenbaum’s little piece. It pointed out that Mrs. Trump’s favorability rating was 42 percent, while her disapproval rating was 47 precent.

“Traditionally first ladies are uniformly admired,” Ms. Tannenbaum quoted CNN as saying. “It’s hard to be unpopular.”

Where to begin. How about the nasty stories about how no designer wanted to dress the new First Lady at the inaugural ball? Or Michelle Obama’s petty comments about Melania for bringing a Tiffany present on the Trumps’ first visit to the White House? How about the criticism of every outfit she wore for almost every occasion? What about the ongoing inferences that she couldn’t stand to hold her husband’s hand in public? Or that the White House Christmas decorations were tasteless because they were too red, for God’s sake?

And those are just the few I can remember.

The Hill recently reminded me that even Melania’s accent was mocked on national television by Jimmy Kimmel while she was reading to children during a White House Easter event.

“But the true low point came after Mrs. Trump had to undergo a procedure on her kidney, which required hospitalization afterward. Two weeks later, speculation of the grossest kind emerged after she wasn’t seen publicly while recovering,” says The Hill.

It pointed out that Jamil Smith, a Rolling Stone senior writer, guessed on Twitter that the first lady hadn’t been seen because she was being beaten at the White House by her presidential husband. Sorry to say that someone like him still has a Twitter and Facebook account and is considered a “journalist.”

The final criticism came when the Trumps did not follow the long-standing tradition of welcoming their successors into the White House last week. Credit them for not being hypocrites.

Perhaps Melania left a note for Dr. Biden, as her husband did for Joe. If she did, I’m guessing it would have said something like this: “Good luck. I hope you are treated better than I was. But don’t count on it. Wives are always easy targets for small-minded people.”

You were okay in my book, Melania.

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