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Bring it on, Joe

Bring it on, Joe

The story is that President Biden wants to forbid travel to and from Florida over fears that there is some strange mutation of the virus going on down here.

I don’t know if it’s true. There has only been speculation. But if it is, it sounds like it could be a political “virus” caused by the success of Governor Ron DeSantis and his plan to open up the state while others were shutting theirs down.

And why pick on Florida when I’m guessing a lot of our cases were brought here by people fleeing other jurisdictions? That was the case on our little island. Fly down from New York to come stay with mama and bring her a case of Covid.

In a January interview, the governor pointed out the following statistics:

Florida’s total deaths rank 4th nationally. Florida’s contagion rate is below the national average with 70,002 Covid cases per 1 million in population compared to a national average of 70,982 cases.

Perhaps our president isn’t interested in data … like the numbers of jobs lost and the potential impact on the environment by his policies on oil. But that’s another matter.

“This is clearly unconstitutional…I think they are embarrassed by what Florida has done,” Florida Senator Marco Rubio told Fox News Host Tucker Carlson the other day. He pointed out that New York and California are rapidly losing residents to Florida. He suggested the president was trying to punish the Sunshine State.

I say if you want to ostracize Florida and its 12 million registered voters, bring it on, Joe.

I have long suggested to my man that Florida secede from the union and set up barricades on our northern border. We’ll allow the people we like to cross over; we’ll keep out the undesirables.

And by undesirables, I mean the politicians who have criticized our governor for his handling of the virus, along with others who think our state is filled with old people who are no longer relevant.

There’s a reason Florida hangs out at the bottom of the country and is surrounded by water everywhere except on our northern border. It’s special and deserves its place in the sun. And you only need to live down here to figure out the truth of that remark.

We are the land of mostly beautiful weather, sandy beaches, no state taxes and three championship sporting teams. We are a fun-loving, diverse people who seem to get along with each other. We dress down. We let it all hang out. Think Key West. And five o-clock often comes early. It’s only when the undesirables show up to disrupt our lifestyle that things get testy.

Our attributes are especially noticeable this time of the year. In a recent family Zoom call, when everyone was talking about the snow and ice in Indiana, I was looking at the 75-degree temperature number on my cell phone and wishing we would move to a livelier topic, like the recent Trump impeachment or the increasing censorship in our society.  I’m only kidding. We don’t dare talk politics in our family.

The reason I moved to Florida eight years ago was so that I would never ever see another snowflake or have to navigate icy roads to get to work. I don’t like hurricanes or the threat of nasty weather, but I’ll tolerate that to avoid the violent thunderstorms and potential tornadoes that threaten the Midwest most of the year.

Like all states, we’ve struggled with Covid and had our hot spots (thanks to northern travelers). But we are hanging in there. In feels like Captain Ron is doing a good job leading our little ship.

So, stay away and out of our business, Mr. President. We already have a former president to deal with and that’s enough for us.

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